Arizona Senate Moves Reform To Probate Courts

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Arizona Senate Moves Reform To Probate Courts

We just received this article. It is getting more coverage in AZ. We need the AZ American State Nationals to distribute this news. The press release is below.

People can contact:

Senator John Kavanagh 602-926-5170
Representative Quang H. Nguyen 602-926-3258
Senator Anthony Kern (Chairman) 602-926-3497

We will send you the Roster of the Legislators. It would help if people sent emails to all of them. Our bills go to the House of Representatives now. We want people to speak at the hearings. They can look up our bills on the Leg website.

The SB1038 Probate Advisory Panel bill will allow a panel to be set up, mostly of citizens who will analyze the problems with the probate courts and recommend changes to the Legislators.

SB1291 is the Probate Guardianship and Conservatorship Policies and Procedures bill. It is extensive and written to protect the person’s rights to due process:

to protect their rights to appoint their own attorney,

to have the court follow their directives regarding who they want to help them if they need a G or C,

to a jury trial before their freedom is taken away, or their property is seized or taken,

to make sure that the guardian cannot refuse visitation of the loved one, if they do, they have to have documented evidence that the person would be harmed, the guardian can be removed and sanctioned for filing false claims,

to make sure that the attorney fully informs the client of their rights, if they do not, they will be removed and sanctioned,

There is more, but these are the highlights of this bill.

One very important thing that we ask that people tell the Legislators is that the laws that currently are in place are not being followed by the judges. People’s rights are violated every day. What is going to be done to ensure that the judges follow the laws and uphold the rights of the people?

Let’s put the pressure on the Legislators to take the “absolute immunity” and “qualified immunity” away from the judges, attorneys and fiduciaries! You will see things change if they know that they are going to be held accountable for violating the laws and the rights of the people.

The movement is on!



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Most people don’t want to believe what is going on in ALL our courts in America today.
The fact is getting a legal BAR license is a license to steal in America nothing to do with justice, law, rights or ethics.
What kind of person becomes a lawyer and ignores the fact that most of their law school friends and associates are criminals who rob and steal for a living. They get away with it because they all hide behind fake images like photos of them standing in front of a bookcase or legal books and the American flag. The fact is words like justice, law, rights, freedoms, equality mean nothing. They’re totally useless and victims don’t realize this until they try and use their rights or demand laws be upheld. Judges are the key and like the scum and frauds most of them are they hide like cowards and criminals from the Supreme court down behind these fake images and impunity.

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HELP SHARE AND SUPPORT THE NATIONAL COURT VICTIM DATABASE: Share with your Family, Friends and Anyone affected by Judicial Abuse