We are victims about change, unity, networking, support and restitution for all court victims. Sadly the US government is part of the problem and refuses to acknowledge the millions of victims affected by the obvious judicial abuse happening in every city and state in America. Only actual victims and their loved ones understand the severeness of the problem. It’s been going on for decades and is ignored due to the trillions of stolen dollars that feeds the biggest fraud corporation “The legal BAR”.

If you’re reading this and don’t think this is the case it’s obvious you have never been in front of a “dishonorable judge”. Who has robbed you of your rights, ignored law and obviously profits from the guilty side of a legal action.

Impunity is one of the key problems which also affects our Police departments

We are not collecting all the details of each case, only locations, judges, lawyers and Others names involved to show:
Pattern of abuse (which will be available to the actual victims to help in their abuse or pursuit of justice)
Pattern of a Judge or lawyer who is involved in corruption or judicial abuse (will be available to victims who have been affected by the judge or lawyer). Location of the abuse and area of abuse by division of the court

The data gained will be share with those who can prove the info will be used to help all court victims and stop it from getting into the wrong hands


NOTE: there are thousands of judges in the US not millions, Thus the fact thousands have been proven unfit speaks for itself

How many Judges are in America?*
This answer is an estimate based on the idea that there are 3,140 counties in the United States, and that if you figure the average number of judges per county was 3 and that every state had a supreme court of 9 justices, I would estimate that there was anywhere from 9,870 to 15,000 judges in the USA.

That estimate is likely to be rather low. For many low populated counties and even states, it could be accurate. It is totally off for large populated areas. An example is that the State of New York has over 1,200 judges in the state courts. Los Angeles County in California has 431 judges.

There are about 3,200 Federal judges in the United States. It changes with the needs of the country.

Each state establishes their own court system, and it can include numerous different levels of courts. Most have a basic court, and appellate court and a high court for three levels. There can also be specialized courts for traffic violations, family cases and probate, as well as criminal courts.

*Thanks to Answers

Reuters “The Teflon Robe” A fully documented investigation of US Judges which exposes thousands of Judges broke he law and violated their oaths but there is no accountability

Objections Overruled
Emboldened by Impunity
Exploiting the Bench
Secretive Systems created obstacles
Delving into disciplinary Records

Be sure to visit and download the PDF’s of of actual records of the judges as we’re sure the judges are working on removing them HERE
One of the scam tactics by government and the courts is to put documents in “unsearchable” PDF form on the internet and claim they are public. They are not.

Hundreds of judges are breaking the law — and we’re doing nothing to stop it


List of current United States district judges
List of United States district and territorial courts
Judges & Judgeships

Department of Justice DOJ and Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI are 100% without a doubt involved plus lawyer controlled which has been exposed as the
leading problem of corruption in government today. BAR members are seated in management positions for the only purpose as to influence that
department to ignore crime, abuse and bribery in the US today

We are doing our best with what we have, if there is something we can do better and you have a suggestion or comment please let us know using the contact form.
If you would like to help by writing text or help with research or sharing our page to ensure it is complete welcome your help.

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