Court Victim National Database
Who are you?

We are a group of vetted actual court victims, activists and advocates for Judicial Change.

What will you do with the data you collect:
A. Create maps so the public can easily see where judicial abuse occurs
B. Create lists of victims by county, state, court division, judges, lawyers and date. This will make it easier for state and city groups to find each other
C. To show a pattern of abuse
D. So data can be used by victims to support pattern of abuse when filing legal action
Data will never be provided to parties interested in sales or marketing

Why is this important?
It’s estimated million of innocent hard working people are victimized by the court system every year all over the US however no one actually counts the victims. Legal fraud, weaponizing courts has been going on for decades and is only getting worse. It’s a fact that a majority of lawyers violate law and right for profit. Getting a BAR license has in fact become a license to steal and gain undeserved impunity.

Do I need to fill out all the info requested?
No, while the more info you enter the more good will become of it, we understand victims and family are afraid to share because dishonest lawyers and judges often will blackmail them as a result. You should not fear this because the info you are sharing is public anyway and who adds it to our database
is hidden and protected. Our servers are NOT based in the US thus protected from US law.

Explain who is a victim?

A. The original victim i.e. is a parent, person or child that was victimized by a court.
B. The secondary victim is loved one, child, friend of the original victim who is victimized due to their efforts to help the original, or their loved one dies as a result of the court.
Thus you should add two entries, while some of the data is the same one is for the original victim and the other(s) are for each addition victim who suffered a loss due to the first victim.

Example of who is NOT a victim (Probate Court):
Your husband’s mother was robbed of her freedom, estate and life via a court. The mother and (your husband) son are actual victims. The wife of the son is NOT a victim, while she does support him she is not an actual courtvictim. Hope that makes sense.

Family, Divorce, Appellate, Criminal, Civil court victims this may differ.

A Mother is kidnapped from her home by a party who uses a court to take control. The child of the mother attempts to rescue the Mother and in the process loses thousands of dollars in legal fees. Is fraudulently jailed for exposing the court, loses their inheritance, rights are violated are examples of the additional abuse. These are only a few examples.
I have more info I think is useful but don’t see a place to add it?

This site and database are new so we are growing and learning as we go, should data for any of the divisions of court, Family, Divorce, Probate, Civil, Appellate or Criminal be missing please use the contact page and let us know, we’ll add it.

Can I add more than one person to a  field on the ADD VICTIM page?
No, the input fields are ONLY for one person’s name, one judge, one lawyer or one case number. Should you need more input fields that don’t exist, finish your entry and submit, you can always go back to your file or submission and update. We will add fields as the database grows.

Who pays for this?
This site is paid for, managed and operated by actual court victims
We do and, there is no cost to you.

What else can I do if I’m a victim?
While some victims prefer to stay silent and allow dishonest judges and lawyers to silence them with threats and extortion it’s noted that this only makes them more brazen. It’s suggested to put your story and details online or in the public eye. Criminals who do this fear being exposed the most. The more victims who do this the less chance these criminals have of doing it to others.

Get your story Internet online, so when others Google the same judge, lawyers or abusers they find your story and can contact you

Network, find other victims in your county and state
Search the name of your judge(s), lawyer(s) and others involved via Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. FREE to add your story, judges, lawyers and abusers to use the internet and Google

Facebook: Look for groups or create one
Note: There is a disadvantage to adding competing groups. It’s a form of splintering the movement. Keeping this in mind if you feel you can do it better then it has purpose. Perhaps joining the Admin or creators of an already existing group makes more sense.
Examples of already existing groups (want to add your, let us know).
Court Victim
American Probate Victims
American Court Watch
Court Victims United
Los Angeles Superior Court Corruption
Probate Rape

“Remember truth is on your side no matter what others say”

Start by writing 2 versions of your account and story
1. A short version: should be no more than 500 words and focus on the basics of what happen, to who, how, when, where and why. Focus on less rather than more
2. The full detailed version: Names all parties involved, dates, from start to what is going on today and what you feel needs to be done. Timelines are effective but keep in mind sometimes less is better than more even for the detailed version because readers will lose interest if the story is too complicated. Only you understand because you lived it. Try organizing it in compartments and sections.

Case info, filing date (this info is found on most court summary pages
2. Motive
3. Introduction (who you are and who the victim is)
4. Location (where this took place)
5. When problems started?
6. What happened to the victim?
7. What happened to you when you got involved?
8. Current situation
9. Conclusion
10. What was stolen, lost or taken?
11. Crimes that were committed, rights violated?

See this page for an actual example

I see some errors on some pages?
Please let us know, we are not perfect nor experts just doing what we can to get it done. Should you feel something needs to be corrected of changed please let us know.

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