THE GREAT RESET, must see video short plus what is really going on in the World

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A 3D animated short film about not too distant but a dystopian future. It speculates on the potential consequences of the infamous Great Reset, medical tyranny, woke culture, and green agenda. Everything, that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is planning for us. If you’d like to buy me a beer, here is my PayPal address: moc.xiped3obfsctd@gelo or you can support my work on Patreon at
Spoiler: you will get to see an animated Klaus Schwab.

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Great animation of what could be in our future. The fact many people ignore the signs, the games used to get what they want. Patriot act for example was forced upon the public with the excuse to protect us from terrorism, but the truth is NOT ONE event has taken place since then nor has it helped. What it has done is allow government to enact law to rob us of freedoms and help them invade our lives.

Ukraine, COVID, Vaccines for example are all corruption created events with the sole purpose of PROFIT at the expense of innocent lives. Covid killed ONLY because they stopped people from using cheap, inexpensive cures (proven to work) but monsters like Mark Zuckerberg helped use propaganda and lies to censor the truth. We should all be allowed our own experiences and be able to share them. A Vaccine that does NOT cure nor stop you from spreading a virus is a failure, with the only BS claim “It makes the impact of the virus less”. Where COVID came from again is a bunch of lies and the one who points to whom profits off the virus is most likely the villain and criminal element. Reputable people like Joe Rogan shared his personal experience and was attacked by the evil, dishonest administration whose goal was to reward big pharmaceutical to profit billions from a NO CURE vaccine, as opposed to a cheap actual proven cure.


Joe Rogan takes on Sanjay Gupta over CNN ‘lying’ about COVID treatment

The fact is, millions of people died due to the lies spread by government and corrupt social media. What this exposes is how BIG PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATIONS are corrupt, dishonest and criminal in their pursuit of profit over life.

The Ukraine war is yet one more useless war which was started via the help of the Trillion dollar War Industry Complex, nothing else. Propaganda leads the public to think an ant can conquer an elephant, which is impossible due to the odds and resources. Fact is history and agreements as to NATO were broken. A US President accepted bribes to get our military involved as well help War industry profit billions. At the cost of approaching Millions of Ukraine lives lost, needlessly lost and slaughtered. But if you think about it, Biden will take credit and build millions of voters into his efforts by allowing millions of refugees to immigrate to the US.

Hungary understands the problems and knows what US government did wrong due to Biden and shares it

It’s FACT Zuckerberg censored THE TRUTH for personal gain and control

Biden White House pushed Facebook to censor COVID posts: Report

Russia vs Ukraine – Military Power Comparison 2023 | Ukraine vs Russia, Does Ukraine have a chance in hell to win?

More alarming is this video, which shows the reaction of them President Bush when told about 9/11. It is telling, but does it mean “HE KNEW” in advance?

CGI 3D Animated Short “I, Pet Goat II” by – Heliofant (One more GREAT ANIMATED Video worth a watch


HELP SHARE AND SUPPORT THE NATIONAL COURT VICTIM DATABASE: Share with your Family, Friends and Anyone affected by Judicial Abuse

Truth takes over due to social media mass censorship

The world wants the Truth and social media and court victim network offer a non-censored experience

FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM losing the battle due to being highly censored.

Meta Freaks out because they’ve been exposed as the most corrupt, dangerous, censored platform on earth. The world wants X because they want the truth. Other platforms have trolls who will call out anyone sharing this info as “Wackos” or other cancel words via baseless lies and fake news. The numbers are in and X is where everyone is going. Elon Musk is like other billionaires who are not bought out like some scum who stole their concepts and got rich off dishonest practices like selling user data and helping pedophiles abuse children via their dangerous platforms

Google numbers are in and Truth is the world's number one growing censorship platform as well is court victim network

Don’t believe the fake news, made up numbers that Google searches find the goal is to shut X down to stop the world from getting the real facts on places like Israel and Ukraine. Now the criminals and Terrorist countries can’t hide their crimes.


Twitter bans posting of handles and links to Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon and more

HELP SHARE AND SUPPORT THE NATIONAL COURT VICTIM DATABASE: Share with your Family, Friends and Anyone affected by Judicial Abuse