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Your Court Victim case has been added, we understand being discreet and your private info will be protected and not made public, such as email, address or phone number. It is our goal to show the world the insane numbers of court victims who are abused, stripped of rights and justice by the very judges, lawyers and government who should be protecting us.

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We strongly advise joining our Court Victim Community, where you can discreetly interact with other court victims. This is optional, however recommended to keep actual court victims up to date on the nationwide judicial corruption which has infected the American Bar and our government agencies which are not protecting the public. It’s become obvious that the FBI, DOJ and law enforcement refuse to investigate, hold accountable or prosecute courts that violate law, rights and ethics. Lack of due process, bribery, perjury, fraud upon the court, plus courts being weaponized to stop victims from exposing what is being done to them are all very common in every state and county today.

Remember this site and the others which are part of the COURT VICTIM COMMUNITY are operated and paid for by volunteer fellow court victims doing their best with what they have. The only way we can demand change is in big numbers and unity. Exposing your abusers can be done by sharing your story as many already do or anonymously by sharing the names and locations of your abusers, i.e. judges, lawyers, guilty parties and government (your choice). Our sites are hosted in ICELAND for your protection and not affected by US law or censorship.

Want to help, please use the contact form HERE growing directory of court victims, judges, lawyers and government agencies involved in the abuse NEW and growing website focuses on corrupt judges shedding light on their abuse
Campaign 4 Judicial Integrity Dr. Richard I. Fine’s solution to 90% of LA county judges accepting bribes
Citizens 4 Clean Courts Sherry and Brad Lund’s (Disney) battle to expose and clean America’s Corrupt court system The original expose the judges, lawyers, government and police site from 2011

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